Rich Black American

Rumored Tracklist: Kanye West “Rich Black American”

Is this tracklist the official tracklist for Kanye West’s unconfirmed “Rich Black American? Probably not.

But if you remember, Cruel Summer’s tracklist was initially dubbed a a fake but it turned out to be the real deal, so whatever rumors are floating around we are going to report and you can decide whether you believe them or not. After further ado, here is the tracklist Karen Civil is reporting for Kanye’s 6th solo album.

1. Intro
2. Faith (feat. Frank Ocean & Pusha T)
3. Whole Lifetime (feat. Beyonce)
4. Replay
5. Popular (feat. Florence Welch)
6. Perfect ****
7. Need Somebody (feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Skrillex)
8. Rich Black American (feat. Jay Z)
9. Cruelty (feat. Q-Tip)
10. Distressed (feat. Rihanna)
11. Royalty (feat. John Legend, Pusha T, Kid Cudi)
12. Timeless (feat. Teyana Taylor & Common)

Source : Karen Civil

Was this an accidental leak or was this intentional.. either way, how exciting was this photo to see in our inbox! A quick snapshot of Kanye West’s new 2013 album “Rich Black American” has been revealed and the features on it are insane. Collaborations from Beyonce, Pusha T, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Skrillex, Jay Z, Kid Kudi, Q-Tip & More. This minus well be the Cruel Winter album. Check out the photo after the jump!

  • Lee Mahi

    I’m so excited that this year I’m going to be jamming to some new Ye songs! Kanye is unlike any other musical artist out there. Ye provided me with a thousands of hours of entertainment, more than Radiohead, flaming lips, Jack Johnson, Death cab, or the other 1500 artists I listen to. There’s something magical with his songs I can feel it and its very real.