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Proof Kanye’s Rich Black American Isn’t Real

We wanted to give our readers a brief overview of how this “Rich Black American” rumor began and what exactly went down that has every news media outlet and their mother reporting that Kanye’s next album will indeed be titled Rich Black American.

It all started when…

A very popular Kanye West forum named KTT (KanyeToThe) had a member sign up under the alias ‘XXXXXX’ the member then opened a thread which was titled “Rich Black American 09|24|2013” which followed with the following photo…

Kanye West Rich Black American Tracklist

Wow. Rich Black American? Sounds bad ass, sounds familiar too (Black American Psycho-ish which we’ve talked about several times) and it even looks believable if you ask me. But that’s not it, next the user began posting cryptic messaged to the forum including “92413KWPT2CBSJZBKRFWSLCTPTTCLLRRFOLDRTYMBIMM”, “26 1 172″, “faith” and also stating “I do not live in this dimension, I just work for DONDA”.

Hmm. A few members pressed this possible troll. One members named “PUFFYCOMBS” asked, “why haven’t you dropped any videos/songs/nothing from o.p. yet” which followed by a very quick response from XXXXXX responded with “I will try to drop one song by Friday” which followed by this enigmatic user logging out.

The users began speculating that this user was indeed someone from DONDA because the IP this user was using was from france and did not match any users account IP from the forum and also because the admins of KTT do a great job at thwarting proxys.

Around this point Complex Magazine posted about this rumor.

Some time later, after several media outlets had posted about this rumor which includes Complex, Billboard,MTV, VH1, Yahoo, AllHipHop and many more an admin of KTT posted the following screenshot from user “XXXXXX”

Proof That Rich Black American is Rumor

XXXXXX apparently broke character and posted in a thread called “Pros and Cons of Meth” and then quickly deleted his post which followed to the user being exposed and inevitably the random troll admitted to this on Twitter and has several huge media outlets looking foolish. Successful troll was successful.

Credit for this research goes to RATED K of KTT.

  • Lee Mahi

    New album can’t wait!

    • Lee Mahi

      Just read the article. Fuck!

  • John Goodyear

    There’s more proof he’s a little bitch !!!!!

    • Lee Mahi

      I suggest you listen to all of Kanye’s albums from his College Dropout to his latest Watch the Throne and then come back and comment that he’s still a bitch. Your argument points out your complete ignorance, but you seem to be okay with that. You might as well wear a hat in real life that says I’m a dumb ass and I just say what the Internet tells me to say.