New Music: Kanye West – Rihanna’s “Diamonds” Remix

Kanye West Remix's Rihanna's song called Diamonds Song Artwork

Kanye West hopped on Rihanna’s hit single “Diamonds” for the official remix to the track and we have to say, it’s fire! We’re guessing Ye’ rapped this recently because he mentions Hurricane Sandy, the Illuminati, half-naked Jewish girls, and “Chocolate Rain” YouTube sensation Tay Zonday.

“You could say I’m on my Brad Pitt/ Now back to the la familia I’m aligned with/ Before I betray them I slit my wrists/ At the top it’s just us,”Kanye rapped while going on “On the radio, man, I miss myself/ I need to just step back and kiss myself.”

Listen & enjoy below.

  • Brian T. Chitungo

    yeezy spitted em lines lyk dop,damn pretty good

  • Brian T. Chitungo

    you give yezzy diamonds he’ll re-cut em n mek em more perfect than they wer before

  • Austin T. Wright

    Senseable nonsense!

  • Lee Mahi

    Kanye had been going HAM the last years. He’s had the gas on the pedal for the longest time. The only comparison I could make to Kanye is Steve Jobs. They go all in with their time and talent and make great things.

  • Lee Mahi

    [Kanye West]
    We the cause of all commotion
    Your mouth running, but where is you going?
    What is you smoking, man? That ain’t potent
    What is you talking, man? That ain’t important
    Illuminati, High society
    We in this party and nobody invited me
    We going crazy and I always use my best sense
    But it don’t matter cause I stay on my fresh prince
    Maxin’, relaxin, shootin’ some pool and
    Playing some b-ball outside of the school and
    Girls with they top off outside of the pool and
    Whips with the drop off outside of the Louvre
    You just look stupid to be ignoring
    The Delorean parked in front of Armani emporium
    And parties at Richie is getting risky
    Victoria’s Secret show, they miss me
    Voices in my head, I need choices in my bed
    AHHHHH, get out my fucking head
    It’s just me and my bad bitch
    So you can say I’m on my Brad Pitt
    Back to the la familia I’m aligned with
    Before I betray them I slit my wrists
    At the top is just us niggas
    Cause I don’t really trust niggas
    And we made it through the hurricane
    So celebrate and light the Mary Jane
    We gon’ make it, that’s on everything
    Truest girls get half naked, every spring
    They saying, “Hey Kanye
    We need you to go deeper than Tay Zonday,”
    Cause my verses got pain, Chocolate Rain
    So many lines, you photograph and it make arms break
    On the radio, man I miss myself
    I need to just step back and kiss myself
    Baby, just step up and kiss the belt
    A little lower.. that’s what’s up
    Somebody pour her another cup
    Is it too much to ask you keep your diamonds up?
    I swear until my time is up
    My style is sex in the shower, fresh as fuck