Pictures: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West in NYC Today

kanye west and kim kardashian in nyc 8/8/12

After an event filled August 7th where we saw Kanye tweet that Kim Kardashian was his perfect bitch, and Kim responding saying she felt honored to be dubbed Kanye’s perfect bitch. We now have photos of the couple today in NYC where they look, well perfect as usual.

Check out the full gallery of the couple below where they both wore all black, Kanye wore some Air Yeezys and Kim wore shoes from Kanye’s first women’s collection.

  • Mr Dobalina

    This Kim K Cum Bag doesn’t seem happy for some reason in the pics we see you !?

  • R.A.P

    See….this is why Kanye West is the best Rapper alive, not because he has on a leather shirt, but its the thought behind it. The mind set you must be in to be thinking….”Leather shirt”… (voice slightly elevates) no one thinks like that.. no one. Now just apply that to music.