Video: The Making Of WZRD

Kid Cudi Dot Da Genius Sand Desert

Today marks the release of WZRD, the self-titled debut by Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius’ new boundary-breaking rock band. Over here at Complex, we’re smack dab in the middle of WZRD Week, where we’re rolling out a slew of features celebrating the project. Yesterday we kicked things off with our special animated cover and an in-depth cover story “Band Of Brothers” written by our resident Cudi connoisseur, Joe La Puma.

Now it’s time to focus in on the album. While out in L.A. earlier this month, we stopped by Cudi’s home studio where the WZRD guys played us the LP and broke down the science behind each song. We caught the whole thing on video and chopped it up to create “The Making Of WZRD.” Click through the videos to hear their insight…

View all of the videos, after the jump.

1. “The Arrival”

2. “High Off Life”

3. “The Dream Time Machine”

4. “Love Hard”

5. “Live & Learn”

6. “Brake”

7. “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” f/ Desire

8. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

9. “Efflictim”

10. “Dr. Pill”

11. “The Upper Room”

  • Jason

    This Whole Album is gonna be to Legit.. Kid cudi stays on top of his zone, He’s an inspiration.

    • Jordan

      Went to CuDi’s LA concert back in June ’11 the greatest day ever and i think CuDi is the most inspirational artist of my time hands down i fux wit every song he’s put out…just real music

  • Laura

    I love this album so much ! Thank you Cudi and Dot Da Genius for making me happy with these songs

  • JKingKong

    WZRD!! Thank you for making exactly what I need to hear right now. Tough Times aren’t as tough with the right music*


  • Brad Kossak

    I watched all these videos and i can really tell you put your time into it and each and every song. you werent just trying to fill up a track list. which i dont think you ever tried to do any ways but every song has a meaning behind it…..a motive…..i know your daughter will be proud of you for this album so as i am also proud and the day i have a child ill raise him/her to this….you know how they say if you play mozart for a baby it makes them smarter well same thing . i think if you play wzrd for a baby it would make them genius’ :) Love ya man

    I see how you are trying to progress in life as man and you are doing more than what most could.

    just know theirs always someone watching.

    You dont even know Cudi how much throughout your music career it has affected my life in a positive way. I battled through institutions, withdrawls, hate you name it. all with the power of music and it so happened to be you that i keyed in to.

    You are just a down right good person. it would be my dream to meet you and cage one day.

    keep on fighting the good fight we are all here with you cudi